Governor Training

We have a partnership with One Education for our Governor Training, as well as working with Bradford LA and the Diocese of Leeds.

The profile and importance of the role of governors continues to grow, as do the responsibilities of the role. We want to support you to fulfil this increasingly important part of school management to ensure that every child receives the best education possible. Ensuring that you get the right support, training, advice and guidance is key to help you do this. This service
provides practical advice, guidance and support to help governing bodies to function as effectively as possible through a programme of training and development which is detailed in the brochure below.

Chair's Development Programme

The role of the Chair is demanding, complex and multi-faceted. The Chair leads the governing body ensuring it fulfils its functions well and a good Chair will ensure the board’s focus is on the strategic. The Chair should facilitate the governing body working as a team, to challenge, support and contribute to the strategic leadership of the school.

The development programme will provide opportunities for Chairs of governing bodies to develop their practice. The programme is built around self-evaluation and reflection as well as working with other experienced Chairs with opportunities to shadow meetings and develop ways if working. Using the principles of Inspiring Schools in Partnership, based on the core values of trust and reciprocity, this programme will develop mentoring and coaching opportunities for Chairs to review their practice with
peers, with support from other experienced Chairs and National Leaders of Governance.

The programme includes Chair’s Network and Development meetings which will provide updates on current developments and look at the key elements of the role:

• Leading governance in schools
• Leading and developing the team
• The Chair, the Headteacher and accountability - building a professional relationship
• Leading school improvement
• Leading governing body business


For more details please contact Rob Merino or Simon Gallacher

National Leaders of Governance