We are The Catholic Schools Partnership of Bradford & Keighley, a Teaching School Alliance since 2014 – a passionate partnership of 20 Catholic schools committed to sharing talent, faith, experience, leadership and excellent teaching to improve achievement in schools across Bradford, Keighley and beyond.

The Catholic Schools Partnership Prayer

God our loving Father, we ask you to bless our partnership of schools.  May our schools be places where the light of Christ is truly present, and where we bear witness to the Good News.

Let us never forget that it is a privilege and a responsibility to play a part in the education of the young and may everything we do in the name of our Partnership have a bearing on each child in our care.

Lord grant us the wisdom to listen to each other's views, encourage each other with words of hope, and to care for your family with love.

Bless all that we seek to do in His name and all those we are called to serve.


CSP TSA @csptsa

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18 Jan SLE Development Network beginning! Developing our SLEs to become SSLEs (Super Specialist Leaders of Education!)

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16 Jan DHT and SLE development both on the agenda this week! A key part of our work is developing and growing our great leaders!

16 Jan RT @Stantclayton: No blue Monday here, it's a bright Monday! Wonderful start to the week with John Froud @zephtrust @csptsa https://t.co/EU…

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